Explorer View in SP 2010

Can you still get to the Explorer View?

If you have Office or IE 64 bit installed you may not find the new multiple upload, or the link in the ribbon to the Windows Explorer View (image ).  You still may be able to get to the Windows Explorer view of SharePoint… Maybe… Open Windows Explorer from the desktop and enter a server style path to your library. It all depends on your network setup.

URL:  http://intranet/sites/demo/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Path: \\intranet\sites\demo\Shared Documents

Basically, remove the “http:”, change all “/” to “\”, replace all escaped characters with their normal characters (“%20” for example, is a space) and remove references to ASPX pages.

URL:  http:  //intranet/sites/demo/ Shared%20Documents   /Forms/AllItems.aspx

Path:        \\intranet\sites\demo\ Shared Documents



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