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Network Discovery settings not sticking?

Apologies for the absence peeps, I’ve been very busy building servers and creating new Powershell scripts to facilitate my newest experiment: Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2013 on multiple servers in a mixed topology using only Powershell in a hands off approach. I will blog about it once I have finished my findings so hold tight!

Ok so I just have to write this up as I also use this blog to store valuable information I will likely need in the future, before I forget it .I’m configuring Windows Server 2012 environments and I’m trying to add them to my newly created domain. I know I need to enable network Discovery in the Network and Sharing Center (Control Panel–> Network and sharing Center–> Change Advanced Sharing Settings). But turn these on and as soon as you click ok, the settings revert back to their original state.

This issue will occur if the dependency services are disabled. Please make sure the following services are enabled and running:

-DNS Client
– Function Discovery Resource Publication
– SSDP Discovery
– UPnP Device Host

If this fails, check your firewall settings but it worked for me.